About Us

Georgia Clean offers 24/7 solutions for safe, quick, and confidential cleanup of traumatic situations that involve biohazard waste. We are fully accredited, insured and bonded to provide effective and efficient solutions for Metro Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia. We follow all of the standards set forth by OSHA and the GA EPD, as well as state and local statutes and guidelines. Our experts are trained to safely and quickly remove all hazardous waste from your home or business. Learn more about us!

Biohazard Cleanup Services and Solutions

Georgia Clean is a fully accredited, insured, and bonded company in Georgia. Our team provides confidential recovery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a wide array of biohazard situations, including:

24-Hour Emergency Biohazard and Chemical Cleanups

Since accidents and hazardous emergencies never wait for convenience, you shouldn’t have to wait for regular business hours for a cleanup solution. Contact Georgia Clean anytime for emergency cleanup. Our experts will show up prepared and ready to provide a solution to your problem.

Contact Georgia Clean Today for Immediate Assistance

Because accidents never wait for convenience, you should never wait until business hours for a solution. Georgia Clean provides around-the-clock, 24/7 biological and chemical clean up solutions for Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Contact Georgia Clean today at 770-766-4562 for immediate 24/7 assistance.