Dead Body Odor Removal

Dead body odor is quite pungent and not a scent you will soon forget. When a body has been decomposing for a period of time, this odor will surface. To truly get rid of the odor, you need expert help and professional equipment to eliminate the smell from the property.

Georgia Clean Provides Dead Body Odor Removal

As a biohazard cleanup company, we are the experts in dead body odor removal and deodorization. With professional service for your home, office, car, or boat, we can tailor a solution to your specific needs whatever your situation may be.

Typically the death odor removal is part of the death cleanup process. However, if you the lingering odor, it is because the scene either wasn’t completely remediated or the odor has infused into carpet, drapery, or other porous items. Some items can be cleaned, but others need to be discarded. If the dead body odor has not been handled correctly, the distinctive odor of death will remain.

What Causes the Foul Odors?

Once a person dies, the decomposition process begins. Bacteria that is already in the body will start to digest the tissue and bodily fluids. The off gassing of the bacteria is what produces the putrid smell of death. Initially, these gasses infuse into the air molecules which hold the odor in the immediate area of the death scene. As more time passes, the odor can make it’s way into other parts of the home and eventually infusing into soft, porous items such as clothing, paper, drapery, cloth couches and chairs, and etc.
While the smell of odor is undeniable, there are various factors that determine the exact scent. Some factors contributing to varies scents are:

  • The genetic makeup and diet of the deceased
  • How long the body was left unattended
  • The climate where the dead body was located
  • The type of bacteria present in the body

There are also enzymes, which are active during the decomposition process, that contribute to the dead body smell. Additionally, there are maggots and flies that play a part in the decomposition process.

Leave Odor Removal to the Professionals

Call on the professionals to eliminate the dead body odor. Biohazard technicians will come in and remediate any and all biohazards that are at the scene. Then they will work to eliminate the residual odor in the air or any odor that has been infused into the soft porous items. We utilize state-of-the-art odor removal treatment process to deliver fresh results.

Why Choose Georgia Clean?

Georgia Clean is a fully accredited, insured, and bonded company. Most importantly, we set the standard for quality by requiring all our employees to pass a thorough background check and pass pre-employment and yearly drug testing.

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