Suicide Cleanup

A family member or friend dying at their own hand is one of the most traumatic and difficult situations anyone can confront. Aside from the emotional impact of the events, you want to get the situation cleaned up quickly and professionally.

Not wanting any additional attention, we do the clean up process quickly and with extreme discretion, respect, and understanding. For this reason, Georgia Clean will arrive in a plain white unmarked vehicle and technicians do not wear identifiable logos.

Additionally, all body fluids and tissue are classified by federal regulations to be a biohazard requiring expert knowledge and special safety, handling, and disposal procedures. Allowing a family member or friend in handling these items, to clean up is not a good idea for both physical and emotional reasons.

During this troubling period, you are not alone. The professionals at Georgia Clean are here to help you handle this difficult situation by thoroughly cleaning the scene, removing the biohazards and recovering and cleaning as many contents as possible returning them to the family in an effort to help the surviving family members to move forward.

How Much Does the Services Cost?

Normally, insurance will cover our services. We work with insurance companies throughout the entire process to relieve as much of the responsibility as possible from the family. We never ask for an initial payment, and in most cases there is no out-of-pocket expense.

Trust the Seasoned Professionals at Georgia Clean

Our caring, compassionate, and professional team at Georgia Clean is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our focus and goal is to help the healing process begin as quickly as possible. Please call us now at Georgia Clean for immediate service. We are always here to help.